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April 10, 2020


Hello Friends,

In lieu of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Bertha’s Apple is prayerfully and strategically reviewing future endeavors.

Originally structured as an exclusive vacation stay, we were scheduled to open April 30th in time for summer’s preseason. We’d look forward to welcoming guests as they explore central Virginia’s historic landmarks and its’ natural beauty.

Dually, Bertha’s Apple has a developing community arm in which culinary instruction would be provided to local, underserved high school juniors and seniors. This program would help prepare for future educational pursuits and, or immediate employment beginning October 2020. 

However, in this given time, like each of us, we have shared a very unique place. Like many, operations have been challenged with daily surmounting limits, while yet showing promise and opportunity. In the unforeseen, it has been an area of blessing for reflection and purpose. This time has opened an unavoidable moment to redefine goals; allowing what is only primarily necessary to surface. 

With that said, Bertha’s Apple Hospitality’s concentration will be centered solely on culinary instruction. We will welcome prospective, high school students through an online instruction, while adding modifications of service delivery. This will be done as we learn what is best and healthiest in the days to come.

We are inspired to live more intentionally. 

I sincerely pray that there’ll be effective solutions as the world moves ahead.

Today, Bertha’s Apple is equally committed to aiding in resilient people, now and in the future; with focus on those most vulnerable. 

We look forward to making life better with hospitality!

Warm Regards, 

Cathy White, 

Culinarian & Owner, Bertha’s Apple

Our Story

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Every offering at Bertha’s Apple is inspired by a legacy of hospitality learned by my mom, Catherine Harris Cross, Bertha’s youngest daughter. She aimed at providing guests and the community a sanctuary from the day to day and we exist to do the same. Bertha’s Apple evokes a nature of hospitality for every soul.

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